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Past Shows & Exhibitors

Below is a sample of some of the art exhibits curated by Art Curator Michele Stone

Finding My Voice by Michele Stone
Painting by Gaelle Alcarez entitled "Island."Gaelle Alcarez
Bondad, 27 x 39, 2020 by Raquel Nunez PineresRaquel Nunez Pineres
Champa Bay Show Image by Frankie GonzalezFrankie Gonzalez
ARTWORK - Ruben Darios Azul by Jose RodeiroJose Rodeiro
Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center letter G in purple and 500x500
Artwork by Debra-Campbell - ram - 500x500Debra Campbell
Maureen Murphy
Picasso-Study-by-Michele-Stone-painted-by-Gabi-B---500x500Michele Stone, painted by Gabi B.
Artwork-by-Cindy-Valdez-480x480Cindy Valdez
Town and Country 10x8 oil on panel by David Del Toro
Onward by Paul Killebrew
Joni Mitchell- Daniel DeWindtDaniel DeWindt
Artwork by Suzy Edl
2022 Ascension Art by JMJ Homeschool Group (12)
Roy and the Fins by Steven KlineSteven Kline
Artwork by Zafeerah RavatZafeerah Ravat
Image of Homehome by Madie GotshallMadie Gotshall
"The Pilgrimage" by Diane V. Radel
Dacota Maphis
Frankie Gonzalez - DrowiningFrankie Gonzalez
artwork by Arnold Swepson (3)---500x500Arnold Swepson
Always a Bridesmaid graphic by Kiki Alexander
Anticipation by Suzy EdlAnticipation by Suzy Edl
Image of "Cement Deck of the Shipwreck Sapona" by Dan PodsibinskiDan Podsibinski
Artwork by Rankesh BabwahArtwork by Rankesh Babwah
artwork by Marilyn Wright (1)artwork by Marilyn Wright (1)
2021 Autism Awareness Shop (1)Autism Awareness Shop
Artwork by Tina Mostov
Up there precious silence by Patricia Kluwe Derderian 36x36Patricia Kluwe Derderian
Artwork by Mary Dorsett (Tiger)
1st - Born to Ride by Frankie Gonzalez - mixed mediaFrankie Gonzalez
Cat in the Hat artwork by Artist JonesArtist Jones
"Real Eyes Realize Real Lies" by Gabby
"Draco Solem" by Tiffany Badami
Stained Glass Art by Bob Marotta
Birth of the Cool by James VannJames Vann
Old Rascal by Pat Mitchell - HMPat Mitchell
Spencer Meyers - Unicorn with Blue chest and pink backgroundSpencer Meyers
Black Art Matters graphic - 1x1
Gainor Roberts
Maggie Newman (2)Maggie Newman
By Kathy CarrierBy Kathy Carrier
Dionne Seevers - Bee - UPDATEDDionne Seevers
Sara May
Deonne-Seevers-(1)---500x500Deonne Seevers
"Live Water" by Susan Lumsden
Mother of Eve (1)
Artwork by Robyn Crosa (1)
"Sunrise on the Harbor" by Caroline Karp
"Friend Gator" by Bibzi Priori
MMaidC by Lynda RixMMaidC by Lynda Rix
Exotic Jade by Dee Youmans-MillerExotic Jade by Dee Youmans-Miller
Blue Bayou by Laurie MavesBlue Bayou by Laurie Maves
Artwork by Ro MartinezRo Martinez
2019 The Colors of the Season with Bella Unica (artwork by Jose Rodeiro)Jose Rodeiro
Vivaldi's Cranes Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer
Colorful Paint Brushes - art class
In the Wrong Hands by Andi Tomassi
Breakfast at the Fleamarket By Susan Louis Anderson
"Water Reflections" by Candace Knapp