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Classes for Kids & Teens

Lil Rembrandts (5-7) w. Kelly Liebengood

Kids ages 5 to 7 will have fun as they create original pieces of art while learning about different mediums and techniques.

Jr. Artist class icon

Jr. Artist (8-10) w. Kelly Liebengood

Lessons throughout this class will involve learning and discussing techniques used throughout art history.

Exploring Art Through Pokemon class icon

Exploring Art Through Pokemon (8-10) w. Erin Russell

NEW IN 2024! Each week, students will explore a different art style and medium through drawing, painting, and creating Pokemon.

Beginner Crochet (13-17) w. Erin Russell

NEW FOR 2023! Students will learn basic crochet skills and leave the class accomplishing a granny square, a beanie, and a small octopus amigurumi.

Basic Character Design I class icon

Basic Character Design I (13-17)

Students will learn basic technical skills, color theory, drawing and animating, to create unique characters.

Character Design II class icon

Basic Character Design II (13-17)

Students will learn skills in ProCreate or Photoshop, painting software, and further their color theory, technical drawing and perspective lessons.

Classes for Adults