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Classes for Kids & Teens

Vision Boards & Goal Setting Workshop (16-18) w. Ysabeth Sweet

In this workshop for older teens and young adults, we will combine real-life coping skills with art and crafty projects.

Mirror Painting and Self-Talk class icon

Mirror Painting & Positive Self-Talk Workshop (16-18) w. Ysabeth Sweet

Combine real-life coping skills with art and crafty projects in this 1-day workshop for teens ages 16 to 18.

Monet's Apprentice class icon

Monet’s Apprentice (11-13) w. Kelly Liebengood

Students ages 11 to 13 will learn about art history and work on projects inspired by famous artists.

Lil Rembrandts (5-7) w. Kelly Liebengood

Kids ages 5 to 7 will have fun as they create original pieces of art while learning about different mediums and techniques.

Jr. Artist class icon

Jr. Artist (8-10) w. Kelly Liebengood

Lessons throughout this class will involve learning and discussing techniques used throughout art history.

Classes for Adults

Recycled Art & Design

Recycled Art & Design w. Alexis Arrazcaeta

Students will creatively design and construct art pieces and sculptures out of recycled items.

Stained Glass for Beginners w. Ysabeth Sweet

Create a polished, uniquely YOU stained glass piece in this beginner 3-week session.

Abstract Painting Workshop class icon

Abstract Painting Workshop w. Ysabeth Sweet

Take time to get in tune with yourself and create freely in this one-day abstract painting workshop for beginners.

Acrylic Painting & Drawing w. Marjorie Graff

A 12-week intro and intermediate painting class with basic drawing instruction.

Plein Air Painting w. David Del Toro

Learn to capture the beauty of life in this Plein Air Painting class.