Carrollwood Cultural Center - photo credit Bob Kerns

Our Mission

Create culture through community and create community through culture.

Vision of Excellence 2021

On April 16, 2011 members of the Board of Directors, patrons, and staff of the Carrollwood Cultural Center defined our vision for what this organization could become in 10 years. The result of this collective effort is a vision statement that looks “back” from the year 2021 and can proudly say the following:

We are an increasingly strong organization financially, continuing to fund our programs, events, and services with public, private a philanthropic support.

Our community programs, events, and services are well-known and well-supported by the communities we serve. We are a regional model of excellence in culture and arts programs that educate, enrich lives, and connect communities. The growth in program attendance has doubled since 2010.

The Board of Directors and staff represent the rich, diverse culture of our region’s communities, and our programs reflect the diverse public we serve.