Camp FAQs


Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Full payment is due at the time of registration. You will receive a confirmation email from OVATION TICKETING with LINKS to CAMP GUIDELINES AND REQUIRED PERMISSION FORMS, which must all be completed and signed by a parent/legal guardian to complete registration. Forms MUST be on file before the child may attend camp.


15% EARLY BIRD ends April 30


Discounts cannot be combined. Early and Aftercare are not included in discounts.

REFUND POLICY: Withdrawal from camp must take place by the following deadlines in regard to refunds:

  • On or before May 13: tuition refunded minus the $25 withdrawal fee
  • May 14 – June 2: half tuition
  • June 3 – August 2: No refunds
  • No refunds, credits, or make-ups for camper
  • Online registration processing fees are non-refundable.

CENTER CANCELLATIONS: The Center reserves the right to cancel any session not meeting minimum enrollments; in such a case, full refunds will be issued minus any applied discounts.

What are the dates of your summer camp?

Our Summer Youth Arts Camp programs will be held nine weeks from Monday, June 3 to Friday, August 2. There will be a 3-day camp the week of July 1-3 due to the July 4th holiday.

Where is the camp held?

Camp programs are held in the main building of the Carrollwood Cultural Center, 4537 Lowell Rd, Tampa, FL. Campers ages 4-5 have their own dedicated classroom and outside play area designed just for them. Campers ages 6-10 rotate activities throughout the building in the art room, dance studio, music, and theatre room, as well as in the outdoor, shaded yard adjacent to the Center.

Campers ages 11-13 will have a dedicated classroom in The Studio behind the main building at 13345 Casey Road and use the theatre space in the main building. Students 14-16 will utilize the main theatre, shop, tech booth, Carrollwood Village Room, and The Studio.

What ages can participate in summer camp?

We offer camp programs for ages 4 to 16. Children 4 years old must be able to use the bathroom without assistance. No exceptions. Children must be four years old by April 30, 2024.

How are groups divided, and how many will be in each group?

  • Campers are grouped according to
  • 15 is the capacity for each age group. In the event an age group reaches capacity and at the discretion of the Education Director, the age group will be split evenly with no more than 15 campers per group. (example: 6-8 Team Blue and 6-8 Team Red)
  • Age 4-5 is limited to 15 campers with 1-2 lead teachers and 2-3 camp crew
  • Age 6-10 is divided into two appropriate age groups (6-8 and 9-10) with 15 per group, one lead teacher, and 1-3 camp crew assistants.
  • Age 11-13 is limited to 15 campers with 1-2 lead teachers and 1-2
  • Age 14-16 is limited to 15 students with 1-2 lead teachers and 1-2

What will my child do during summer camp?

Ages 4-5 will experience age-appropriate art activities that stimulate their creativity, including drawing, painting, arts and crafts, music, dramatic play, song and dance, and other activities that relate to our fun weekly camp themes.

Ages 6-8/9-10 will rotate between art activities that tie into our fun weekly themes, including Music, Theatre, Visual Art, and Dance/Movement.

Age 11-13 will use each 3-week session theme to inspire an original performance. The performance will involve original script creation, music, dance, tech, and more. Taught by professional artists, students will learn a variety of skills needed to build an original show from the ground up.

Age 14-16 will learn auditioning, acting, directing, tech, and design to showcase a play over the course of 4 weeks. Taught by professional artists, students will learn a variety of skills needed to build an original show from the ground up and earn skills to work in the world of theatre.

Show & Share Performances are each Friday afternoon, beginning at 4 pm. Ages 11-13 will perform every three weeks on Thursday. Ages 14-16 will perform twice during the summer on the 4th Thursday of their session.

  • Kona Ice Thursday: A visit from KONA ICE of Tampa Bay
  • Dress Up Days: Tuesdays are Spirit Day. Wear your favorite jersey or team colors. Fridays are theme dress day. Dress for the theme of the week.
  • Show & Share: Every Friday, starting at 4 pm, campers will show off their new skills and perform skits, music, songs, dances, etc., for each other, friends, and family. Additionally, intensive students ages 11-13 and 14-16 will perform on the following:
    • 11-13: Gretal! The Musical Performance –Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 5:30 pm
    • 14-16: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Performance – Thursday, June 27, 2024 at 5:30 pm
    • 11-13: Adventures in Film Making Premiere – Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 5:30 pm
    • 11-13: Everyone Gets Eaten By a Shark Performance – Thursday, August 1, 2024 at 5:30 pm
    • 14-16: The SpongeBob Musical Intensive Performance – Thursday, August 1, 2024 at 6:30 pm

Why do you have weekly themes?

Themes provide a jumping-off point for our faculty as they plan the summer activities and provide an overall focus for the week’s experience. The campers enjoy the different themes and fun activities while learning specific skills and theme-based knowledge.

Are there breaks during the day?

Yes, there is a 15-minute break between activities each morning and afternoon for a quick snack, water, and bathroom break. After outside lunch, campers have outside recess (weather permitting) for 30 minutes each day. We have contingency plans in place for weather.

When and where do we drop off/pick up our child each day?

  • Camper check-in is done by car
  • Ages 4–10 ages are dropped off in front of the main building
  • Ages 11-13 and 14-16 ages are dropped off at The Studio at 13345 Casey Road
  • A parent or other authorized adult must come in the building outside of car line hours to sign in or out the camper(s). Proper ID is required before a camper is released at the end of the
  • Campers who are 16 may sign themselves out if the Education Director has received written consent. Anyone allowed to pick up a camper must be on the pick-up list. In the car line, they must have a name and age placard from the Center.
    • Early Care is from 8 am – 9 am
    • Morning sign-in is between 8:50 am – 9:15 am
    • Afternoon sign-out/Car Line is
      • 3–3:30 pm for 4-5s,
      • 4–4:30 pm for 6-10s,
      • 4–4:30 pm 11-13s and 14-16s at The Studio
    • After Care is from 4:30–5:30 pm
  • Camper car line will be used for drop off and pick up
  • A map of the parking lot and car line procedure is printed on the back of the camper name placard provided on the first day of camp.
    • Car Line Dismissal for 4-5 begins at 3 pm
    • Car-Line Dismissal for 6-16 begins at 4 pm and goes until 4:30 pm
    • 11-13-year-olds and 14-16-year-olds are dropped off and picked up at The Studio with the teacher/staff present. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED IF STAFF IS NOT PRESENT.
    • After 4:30 pm, please come into the main building to sign out your camper
  • Do not forget to display your child’s name placard on your car’s driver’s side dash for pick-up.
  • If the designated person picking up does not have the placard, they must park and come inside to sign- out the camper and be listed on the approved pick-up.
  • Anyone allowed to pick up your camper must be listed on the pick-up list and show proper ID. Proper ID is required at in-person pick-up.
  • Please arrange in advance (call ahead) if a child is going home with another camper.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made for Early Care/After Care, we request that parents follow the daily schedule to allow students to participate fully in creative activities.
  • We ask that you inform us if your child needs After Care.

Do you have Early Care or After Care?

Yes, we offer Early Care for $5 a day and After Care for $5 a day per child. Prior reservations for Early and After Care must be made in order to ensure proper staffing.


Doors open for Early Care at 8 am. No earlier.

After Care campers must be signed out no later than 5:30 pm. After 5:30 pm, pick-ups will $2 per minute late fee.

How should my child dress for camp?

  • Dress comfortably and dress for the mess – jeans, shorts, and T-shirts are perfect!
  • Closed-toe shoes are required. No flip-flops, crocs, roller shoes, or high-heel shoes allowed.
  • Leggings or bike shorts must be worn under dresses for activities.

Can I request my child be put in the same group as a friend?

Certainly, let us know at the time of registration, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Note: Requests for an older child to be with a younger child will be honored only with the older child in the younger group and pending space.

What should my child bring?

  • Please put belongings in the mesh camp bag given to them prior to or on the first day.
  • Campers need to bring a lunch (with utensils if needed) and two snacks each day; we suggest an extra snack if the child is staying for After Care.
  • We suggest campers aged 4-5 bring a change of clothes in their backpack and a comfort object for quiet time (blanket, stuffed animal, for example).
  • Please label all bags and lunch bags with the child’s name.
  • We are unable to microwave, refrigerate, or heat food for campers.
  • Sunscreen for outdoor play times. We will only apply with the parent’s permission.
  • Necessary medications labeled with camper name, dosage info, and doctor – a medical waiver /information form must be on file with permission to administer medication.

What should my child NOT bring to camp?

  • Campers should not bring valuables, electronics such as tablets or smartwatches, sharp objects, Pokémon Cards, or other valuables that are not needed for camp.
  • If you want your child to bring a cell phone, please notify a Center staff member.
  • Cell phones, smartwatches, and tablets are not to be used during camp activities. We are not responsible for lost or stolen

What about child safety?

Campers are supervised at all times throughout the building and outside. The play area for 4-5-year-olds is a small alcove directly attached to their classroom. They also get supervised time and daily activities under the shaded trees in the back of the Center.

We reserve the right to dismiss any camper whose behavior may be harmful to another camper. Faculty and Staff have undergone background checks prior to hiring. Camp Crew volunteers have been interviewed and approved by their school guidance counselors and the Center’s Volunteer Coordinator. The Education Director and Volunteer Coordinator train and supervise the Camp Crew to prepare them to assist with all camp activities, sign-in, and sign-out.

What if my child is ill or becomes sick at camp?

Please keep your child home if a fever or illness prevents your child from participating.

If your child becomes ill at camp, we will contact you or another authorized adult to sign the camper out. We do not provide child care for campers who are unable to participate in camp activities.

What if my child needs to take medication during camp?

When registering your camper, you will complete a medical questionnaire informing us of any allergies, conditions, or medications. If your child needs to bring medication to camp, it MUST be checked by the Education Director. It should be in a clear plastic baggy with the child’s name clearly marked and with complete dosage instructions. Camp staff will not administer any medication without a pre-signed authorization from the parent/guardian on file.

Inclement Weather / Power Outage – Camp is held rain or shine. In the event of severe weather, parents may elect to keep their camper home or sign them out early. If a power outage occurs during the camp day, adequate time will be given for power to be restored before contacting parents for sign-outs. If there is no power before the day begins, we will do our best to notify all camp families. Acts beyond our control are not eligible for refunds, credits, or make-ups.

TOM JONES Tuition Assistance – Financial assistance is available for summer camp tuition. Need-based scholarships are awarded for up to 2 weeks per child/family, one 3-week session for the Summer Youth Intensive, or one 4-week Teen Summer Theatre session. The 2024 Scholarship Application, guidelines, and deadline information are available on our website.