Thank you for your interest in Group Tickets! We are pleased to offer group rates for most of our events. To find out which events offer group rates, call (813) 922-8167 or email the Box Office at [email protected].

Group Tickets Policy

  • Groups of 10 or more qualify for a group rate, where group rates apply.
  • Contact the Center at (813) 922-8167, or email the Box Office at [email protected] to request a Ticket Purchase Agreement with special group pricing for your event.
  • Please designate one authorized contact person who can sign the Ticket Purchase Agreement for the group and who will be the Center’s point-of-contact. This person will also be responsible for gathering names, payment for tickets, receiving tickets, etc.
  • The Ticket Purchase Agreement must be returned within a specific time frame along with a non-refundable and non-transferable 10% deposit.
  • Groups may not purchase tickets individually, i.e., setting group pricing for a  club and then allowing their club members to call in individually for tickets. All tickets must be purchased at one time.
  • Groups may increase their number of tickets being purchased at anytime, as long as tickets are still available. Additional tickets requests should be coordinated through the group’s designated contact person.
  • Groups may reduce the number of tickets requested as long as the number does not  drop below 10 patrons and the time frame on the Ticket Purchase Agreement has not expired. If the group drops below 10 tickets, full price will be charged.
  • The ticket balance due must be paid for by ten days prior to the event. Ticket balances due and not paid for within the time frame may cause tickets to be forfeit by the group and released for sale to the general public.
  • The Carrollwood Cultural Center reserves the right to charge the group for any unclaimed tickets under and including 10 tickets.
  • Seating is open unless otherwise specified as an event with reserved seating. The Carrollwood Cultural Center staff will make every effort to seat the group together.
  • Group sales are offered at the discretion of the Carrollwood Cultural Center staff. Any club or organization abusing group ticket rates may have their ability to purchase group tickets revoked.
  • Bus parking must be arranged in advance for safety purposes.