Classes offered at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.

Playmaking for Kids class icon

Playmaking for Kids (8-10) w. Jordan Patterson

Learn how to tell a creative story, create original characters and how to bring them to life on stage.

Character Design II class icon

Basic Character Design II (13-17) w. Alex Singer

Students will learn skills in ProCreate or Photoshop, painting software, and further their color theory, technical drawing and perspective lessons.

Basic Character Design I class icon

Basic Character Design I (13-17) w. Alex Singer

Students will learn basic technical skills, color theory, drawing and animating, to create unique characters.

Beginner Crochet (13-17) w. Erin Russell

NEW FOR 2023! Students will learn basic crochet skills and leave the class accomplishing a granny square, a beanie, and a small octopus amigurumi.

Exploring Art Through Pokemon class icon

Exploring Art Through Pokemon (8-10) w. Erin Russell

NEW IN 2024! Each week, students will explore a different art style and medium through drawing, painting, and creating Pokemon.

Acting & Musical Theatre class icon

Acting & Musical Theatre I (11-13) w. Jordan Patterson

This class is for ages 11-13 who are passionate about the arts are invited to participate in this fun acting and musical theatre class.

Belly Dancing w. Sasha Lukien

Sure, you can do crunches, but why crunch when you can dance? Belly dancing is a ton of fun, but there are a lot of health benefits, too.

Tai Chi class icon

Tai Chi w. Sasha Lukien

Take steps to relieve insomnia, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and raise your heart rate with Tai Chi for beginners.