Art classes at the Carrollwood Cultural Center.

Blind Visionaries Light Painting Workshop

BLIND VISIONARIES: Light Painting Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, participants will work with two members of The Seeing With Photography Collective to create photos using the Collective’s distinctive light painting technique.

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balanace w. Miriam Zimms - class image

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balance w. Miriam Zimms

NEW! Combining Inter-modal Expressive Arts with the Zentangle Art Method, this class merges both methods to use the creative process to assist with identifying your own more balanced life rhythm through artistic self-expression.

Expressive Tangling: Intro into Zentangle Art w. Miriam Zimms

Expressive Tangling: Intro to Zentangle Art w. Miriam Zimms

NEW! Learn how instrumental music and five strokes can help you easily draw circular, curved, dots, geometric, and grid patterns as you become aware of patterns in everyday life.

Artistic Journaling (13+) w. Michele Stone

In this class, students will explore how to combine words, quotes, and thoughts while applying color, collage, and drawing.

Jr. Artists class post

Jr. Artist (8-10) w. Michele Stone

NEW: Lessons throughout this class will involve learning and discussing techniques used throughout art history.

Lil Rembrandts class post

Lil Rembrandts (5-7) w. Michele Stone

Kids ages 5 to 7 will have fun as they create original pieces of art while learning about different mediums and techniques.