Lil Rembrandts

  • Class Description

    Lil Rembrandt class iconYour kindergarten through 3rd grader will have fun as they create original pieces of art while learning about different mediums and techniques. Kids will use their imagination as they explore colors, textures and genres and expand their knowledge about visual art. Continuous enrollment in this class throughout the year will allow your child(ren) to continue developing their artistic abilities. Soon, you will have plenty beautiful pieces to display in your home.

  • Instructor

    Kelly Liebengood

  • Age


  • Level

    All Levels

  • Location

    Art Room 1

  • Required Materials


  • Materials Fee:

    $20 for materials specific to this class. Due to the front office on the first day of class.

  • Tuition

    $68 member / $80 non-member

  • Round It Up

    Donate IconConsider making a donation when registering for classes or purchasing tickets. Your donation can be as simple as rounding your total to the nearest five or ten dollars — or whatever amount you wish to give. Thank you for your contribution!