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It’s all about the execution, exploration and evolution of an idea.  Mark’s journey into the world of creative arts started with the question, “What would Jackson Pollock’s work look like if he had used transparent watercolors?”  So, it was away with the pencils, pens, and brushes, and on to the pouring of various aqueous solutions.  Along the way, he found it to be quite calming to be “in the zone” loosely applying media and allowing a work to develop seemingly on its own.  It turns out fans and collectors found the works to be “joyful” and “calming,” as well.

Amazing things happen when the primary colors are allowed to mix of their own volition.  Even with minimum input, just the three primary colors, infinite possibilities come to light.  Basic and simple leads to the kinetic and complex.

His work blurs the distinction between alcohol ink and watercolor; working with dyes, inks, liquid acrylic, liquid watercolor, and other aqueous media – mixed or used individually.  The work has both dynamic and passive qualities.  While just the primary colors may be aggressively administered, little attempt is made to control the flow or interactions – save the application of masking and the choice of media.  Lately, he has been incorporating metallic watercolor and pearlescent ink to my work.  In addition to his favorite surface to work on, Yupo™ synthetic paper, he has used canvas, Yasutomo Mineral Paper, and various weights of watercolor papers.  While the bulk of his work is abstract, he has  done some occasional representational works to ‘cleanse the palette.’

Along the way, he has been influenced by the work of two controlled pouring advocates: Bette Ridgeway and Ibrahim Bassmi, though his favorite artist is Wassily Kandinsky.  While mostly self-taught, he took classes through the Creative Arts Group, Sierra Madre, CA, under Joe Stoddard, as well as seminars with Robert Burridge and Marciano Martinez.

Since 2020, he has been a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA), based in Dunedin, FL – sponsor of the annual Cool Art Show, which will enjoy its 33rd anniversary in 2022.  He is also a member of St. Petersburg-based Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) and The Exhibiting Artist Association (TESA).

He encourages you to join The Insiders, or follow @ScriptMAbstractArt on Instagram, to stay current on new developments and releases.

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