Discovering Oil in 2020

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    Dacota Maphis

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    February 2022

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About this Artist

Dacota Maphis was named the winning artist of the EMERGing Artist art show presented by the Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center in 2021.

“Art is life and life is art, expressing that is where it gets interesting.  Choices of what, why and how lets your personality show. My showing of art is a bit scattered, but my voice is always to inspire meaningful thought that lives in love and caring. I have been a photographer for over forty years which then lead me to add to the mix digital art for the last sixteen years. In between there has also been wearable art, 3D display art but what I’m best known for is my style of digital art that I call Digital PHra (Photo Revised Art). This last couple of years I have discovered the rewarding pleasure of painting in oil. Three of the oil paintings in this show are in a series called Roped. One of the pieces is called Self Examination, which is the basis of all the others in this series. One that is not in the series I decided to add to the mix is a portrait called My Grandmother, Decota Maphis. Having this piece included gives homage to my grandmother that I never met but carry her first name. Painting this portrait and a few others has given me a love for the art of portraiture, especially converting a black and white photo into life, as I did for my grandmother.  

I am a full-time award-winning artist born in Greensville South Carolina and creating art daily in Clearwater, FL. “

Dacota Maphis – visual artist – iartdacota.com