Artwork by Debra Campbell - buffalo - 845x321

If Not Now…

  • Artist

    Debra Campbell

  • Available to View

    October 2022

  • Gallery

    Artist Corner

About this Exhibition

This series, If Not Now… presents questions about our environmental choices. It creates a conversation between the viewer and the animals impacted by human indifference and climate change.

Each animal portrait is painted and collaged as a living part of its surroundings: glaciers, mountains, or sky.  Their expressions respond to the compromises in their environment and beauty.

“I’ve always been inspired by the Indigenous art of the Pacific Northwest and Native American artists of the Southwest, especially John Nieto and the unique art of the Haida in British Columbia.”

Materials include acrylic on watercolor paper support and collage.

For more information about purchasing originals or prints, you may contact Debra at [email protected] or 813 760-7860. For information about Campbell and Cope Art Products, you can find the collections online at