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    Mary Dorsett, artistMary Jane Dorsett, Featured Artist

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    June – August 2021

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About this Artist

Mary Jane Dorsett is a realist who uses contemporary mediums for paintings, sculptures, and drawings. She lives in Riverview, Florida, and recently retired in 2019 after thirty-six years of Government Federal Service. Her abstract and colorful paintings, sculptures, and drawings pay homage to her visions into the art arena. Her calm personal style radiates the joy and peace expressed in her vibrant spirit in every design stroke to achieve extraordinary work of art.

Mary’s visionary methods and techniques are various mediums using palm bark, recycled plastics, rocks, inks, acrylics, oils, polishes, and homemade porcelain clay to obtain phenomenal creative art. As Mary explains, “I am a visionary you may see leaves, I see a beautiful angel waiting to take flight, and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey to explore yours and my thoughts.”

From a young age, she believed, “You can create anything from something once you feel it in your heart, you can see it in your mind, your dreams are her reality.”

During her high school years, she was asked to paint a mural in a large window during Halloween in the Publix located in New Port Richey, and it was featured in the local newspaper. It was her first public art appearance.

She attended Westmar College from 1978 to 1980 and majored in art. Mary started her family life and put her dreams on hold. She didn’t stop her studies as she earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration at the University of Maryland and a bachelor’s in Public Business Administration from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and studied art as a minor.

Mary received awards over the years for her contribution to excellent work ethics and customer service. In her years of sharing her extraordinary artwork, she has given many of her artistic pieces away to brighten and make others happy. Her work has even encouraged many to fight against cancer as Mary herself has survived double mastectomy against breast cancer. She uses her experiences and visions in her art.

Mary is a member of The Exhibiting Society of Artists (TESA) and the Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA).