Music Legends

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    Presented by The Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center featuring various artists.

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    August 2021

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    Main Theatre

About this Artist

Music Legends is a visual arts exhibit dedicated to visually celebrating another form of art — music. This show celebrates all forms of music and the musicians who have played, regardless of fame. Pieces reflect a diverse range of music genres, time periods, and cultural influences.


1st Place: “Born to Ride” by Frankie Gonzalez (mixed media)

2nd Place: “Lady Day” by Stephen Kline (acrylic)

3rd Place: “Led Zepplin III LP” by Shadoe McKee (mixed media)

HM: “Play that Horn” by Gwendolynn Aqui-Brooks (mixed media)

HM: “The Guitar Player” by Maria Ortiz-Haynes (mosaic)

HM: “Billie Holiday” by David Mack (clay)

HM: “The Beast” by Carole Shelton (sterling silver)