"The Pilgrimage" by Diane V. Radel resized to 845x321

Undiscovered Paths

About this Artist

Diane V. Radel has been in love with color since she got her first box of 64 crayons but did not start painting until after her 60th birthday. She coaxes layers of acrylic paint and textures to depict the synergy of patterns and colors and to record the interplay inherent in the world around us.

Fascinated by patterns since childhood- such as the rows of pastries in a bakery case, the tracks of sea turtles left on the sand, wind ripples on dunes, and all other Turing structures-she is inspired to capture the wonder of unique forces and the imprint they leave behind.

Her artwork has become the way she tells her story and expresses gratitude. She is dedicated to creating positive images and investing in her community through charitable art donations.

In Undiscovered Paths, Radel explores the sequence of random events and decisions that lead all of us along our paths. Whether we head straight to our destiny or take the long and winding road seeking answers along the way, we are certain to discover something new if we all keep our eyes and minds open.