Life is Good

  • Artists

    Leslie Jeffery & Maggie Newman

  • Available to View

    February 2022

  • Gallery

    Main Theatre

  • Art Reception

    February 11 • 5:30-7:30 p.m.

About Leslie

I split my time between Highlands, NC and Largo, FL, with studios in both locations. Sailboats to Bears, Trawlers to Cabins, Waterfalls to Sunsets – these were my inspiration for a long while. As with so many artists, over time my work became looser, more expressionistic, large and mostly non-objective. I now classify myself as an Abstract Painter.

My works are about the process and feature texture, light or heavy; marks of all kinds; deep colors; patterned backgrounds; drips and various mediums. They convey energy, lyrical or frenetic. They convey mood, serious or lighthearted. I find the painting process exhilarating. I feel successful when I believe the last one is my best one. I am intrigued with the comments and interpretations of my viewers. 

While a few are difficult to plan and execute & others come easily, I usually think “What fun that was!” when I finish.

Leslie’s Artwork

Maggie’s Artwork