Microorganisms: A Visual Study by Dionne Seevers

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    Dionne Seevers

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    Thru March 2021

    Guided tours are available by appointment. Please email Michele Stone at [email protected] for details. 

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About this Artist

“The juxtaposition of the microcosm within a cosmic environment”

Dionne Seevers has always admired the contrast of the very big and the very small. This on-going study is a culmination of fun research and daily ramblings about singled-celled organisms as well as the human experience. Her artwork exemplifies the constant seeking of information and how the little blue marble we call home exists in the vastness of space. 

Microorganism: A Visual Study comprises of microscopic organisms paired with galaxy-like environment. The trumpet-shaped organisms known as Stentors, swim by the use of their cilia and are one of the biggest micro-animals. They exist in freshwater ways and eat upon bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms. Diatoms a single-celled algae, are one of the most important organisms that we heavily rely on. These heavenly bodies in glass houses exists in lakes, seas, and moist soil; providing 50% of the Earth’s oxygen through photosynthesis! Lastly, and Dionne’s favorite, the Tardigrade a six legged micro animal is one of the toughest creatures in the world! Tardigrades are so tough that they can survive the vacuum of space and extreme heat.

The microscopic world is teaming with life in such a significant way. Dionne enjoys highlighting these unsung organisms by painting them on a larger than life scale. 

For more information, contact Dionne Seevers at [email protected]