Real Eyes Realize Real Eyes by Gabby

Owning My Story w. Steadfast Mentoring

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    Steadfast Mentoring

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    May 2021

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    May 14 / 5:30-7:30 pm

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“We share the love of Christ with girls who have been abused, abandoned and neglected through building relationships and support.”

About Steadfast Mentoring’s Children

Having suffered overwhelming circumstances of abuse, abandonment, sex trafficking and other extreme family dysfunction, the girls are placed in juvenile justice or foster care residential programs to receive intense therapy, life skills, and educational services for up to a year or more. 

Research shows these girls experience extremely high rates of sexual abuse (80 – 90% – some estimates are closer to 100%) as well as being sex trafficking victims.


Trauma occurs when a child experiences an intense event that threatens or causes harm to his or her emotional and physical well-being.

Trauma can be the result of exposure to a natural disaster such as a hurricane or flood or to events such as war and terrorism.  Witnessing or being the victim of violence, serious injury, or physical or sexual abuse can be traumatic.  Accidents or medical procedures can result in trauma, too.  

One of every four children will experience a traumatic event before the age of 16.