"Emory" by Pat Mitchell

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    March 2021

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About this Artist

Odell P. (Pat) Mitchell is an artist who has been an educator, coach, d illustrator and designer. He finished his career in the newspaper business as the Senior Content Manager for the Tampa Tribune in 2008.  Since he has been inspiring others to use their gifts and talents to improve their community.

I  love talking about art. I love reading about art. I love being around other “art-minded” people – people who appreciate beauty in its various forms. My art is an extension of me.

It is my hope that every image I produce speaks to the viewer. The portraits I paint, the scenes – I want them all to have an individual quality that translates their respective mood and message.

I have been involved in art my entire professional career, first, as a high school art teacher followed by a long career as an award winning visual journalist. I am a veteran of 34 years in the newspaper industry, with more than 30 years in management capacities. I worked at three major media outlets as an artist, designer and editor, including a 20 year stint as a Senior Editor for Content at The Tampa Tribune, leaving in 2008.

I am dedicated to my personal painting endeavors, especially watercolor and also mentoring others  through community service efforts.

I truly believe that a community’s appreciation of the arts enhances the quality of life of that respective community. Art helps us understand that cultural diversity means that we all are potentially enriched because we can appreciate and celebrate our differences – and our contributions. A cultured community is not limited to or defined solely by any one standard of measurement.

I am blessed to be able to communicate through my artistic talent. I consider myself a positive person with a rich, diverse personal and professional background.

I am an artist. And I love it.