• Artist

    David Del Toro

  • Available to View

    November – December 2022

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    Artist Corner

About this Artist

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1974 to Cuban and Honduran immigrants. My mother would paint murals and watercolors in the house, which sparked my interest. At a young age, I was exposed to the Museum of the Art Institute, where local students were granted free admission. I spent many hours marveling at the works and studying the visual arts. After high school, I enrolled in the American Academy of Art and studied illustration.

I am endlessly inspired by the Florida landscape where I currently live. Plein air painting has played a critical role in my progress as a visual artist and has given me a dialog with the landscape. Being on location allows me to reflect on the subject matter in real-time, absorbing the colors and mood effects I strive to record in my work.

Artist Statement

My ongoing training is based on the observation of the natural world through impressionist techniques. Light effects, color relations, and visual and ocular impressions are reflected through paint.

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