New OVATION Youth Theatre Troupe

The Carrollwood Cultural Center recently announced the creation of OVATION, a new performing theatre troupe for teens and young adults.  

“We have worked with a lot of amazing young talent over the years, many of who earned leading roles in large musicals at the Center,” said event coordinator and MAS Theatre show director Aaron Washington.

Those performers include Rhett Ricardo as the Artful Dodger in the 2018 production “Oliver” and Robbie Hipkins as Cosmo Brown in the 2019 production of “Singin’ in the Rain.” Several members of OVATION have appeared at the Center in supporting roles.

The original members of OVATION include Ricardo, Hipkins, Kaileen Barreto, Joseph Conrad, Brilee Gold, McKinnley Nelson, Rylie Nelson, Keira Osborne, Alexandra Sterling, Zachary Trenkle, and Elijah Zurek. 

 “These young performers possess professionalism and passion beyond their years,” said Washington, “they inspired us to create OVATION.”

OVATION is more than a group of young adults who perform together. The members are encouraged to share their outside experience with school performances, auditions, and other community/professional projects with the rest of the group.  Also, members will receive master class opportunities, receive hours toward The Bright Future Scholarships. They will be called upon to perform in various staged and outreach performances for the Center.

“Needless to say, COVID-19 has made it difficult for these performers to get out and perform,” Washington notes, “but they’ve been in touch with one another and have recorded a few things while social distancing, which has kept them engaged.”

“Ultimately, we hope to help these young performers build life experience that will be instrumental in pursuing a career in the performing arts,” said Washington.

(updated August 3, 2020)