Exhibits & Displays

The Center’s gallery is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. Below is a list of what is currently on display, as well as what is coming soon.

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ARTWORK - Ruben Darios Azul by Jose RodeiroJose Rodeiro
Gallery at Carrollwood Cultural Center letter G in purple and 500x500
Artwork by Debra-Campbell - ram - 500x500Debra Campbell
Maureen Murphy
Picasso-Study-by-Michele-Stone-painted-by-Gabi-B---500x500Michele Stone, painted by Gabi B.
Artwork-by-Cindy-Valdez-480x480Cindy Valdez

“Fluid” by Cindy Valdez

Cindy Valdez is a commercial and portrait photographer living in Tampa, Florida.