Exhibits & Displays

The Center’s gallery is a living, growing, and  constantly changing, display of creative talent of visual artists – both local and international. Below is a list of what is currently on display, as well as what is coming soon.

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Deonne-Seevers-(1)---500x500Deonne Seevers

Featured Artist: Dionne Seevers

Dionne Seevers (Demetasphere) is a Tampa-based acrylic artist whose pieces focus on subjects of science and the interconnections of the universe.
2021 Autism Awareness Shop (1)Autism Awareness Shop
artwork by Marilyn Wright (1)artwork by Marilyn Wright (1)
Artwork by Tina Mostov
Star Glitter by Elizabeth Johnson 500x500Elizabeth Johnson

Featured Exhibit: TESA

Image of "Cement Deck of the Shipwreck Sapona" by Dan PodsibinskiDan Podsibinski
Dionne Seevers - Bee - UPDATEDDionne Seevers