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COVID-19 Update

During this time of constant change, here is what you can expect from the Center. Please check back often as we continue to adapt as things evolve.

A Message from Todd Dunkle

I’m setting off on a new adventure…But I’m leaving behind the best friends in the world.


The Center tells the story of the 1961 Freedom Riders

The Center will present The Parchman Hour January 14-17 and tackles social injustice and explores three of the tensest months of 1961.

A Message from Richard Haerther

For nearly ten years, I have had the privilege of working as the Artistic Director for the Carrollwood Cultural Center.

A Message from Ruth Levy

When I began to work with the Carrollwood Cultural Center more than ten years ago, I never imagined the impact it would have on me.

Devan and Mackley Square

Things Are Different, But We’re Still Dancing

A year ago, the Center had just closed out a stellar financial year as we set our sights to becoming a million-dollar organization by the end of our 2020 fiscal year. But, as we have all learned, things can thwart even the best layout plans. So, where are we now?

Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel with Edith Roosevelt

Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel w. Edith Roosevelt

In this presentation of “Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel” we meet Edith Roosevelt portrayed here by Lynne Locher. 


Art That Creates Awareness

Carrollwood Village resident Jennifer Houdeshell is an accomplished artist and educator who uses her art to create awareness about human trafficking in the United States.


It’s More Than a Tribute Concert to the Musical “RENT”

RENT: A Tribute Concert incorporates one-on-one interviews with the cast and crew who describe what it has been like to suddenly stop performing due to the pandemic.

Powerful Artwork that Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking

The Center has two new powerful exhibits that speak out against human trafficking.