Carrollwood Cultural Center hosts ‘Homegrown’ comedy show this month

Creative Loafing

Michael Murillo

Jacoby Bruton, Chuck Glass, Johnny B, and Michael Murillo are on the bill.

TAMPA —Tampa is home to many artists, from painters to musicians to poets. That includes stand-up comedy, with a thriving scene and a variety of comedy clubs and venues.

What we don’t really have is a lot of natives. Everybody, it seems, is from somewhere else originally. And while it’s great to have so many talented people find homes here, you kind of wonder where the original Tampanians (or is it Tampeños?) went.

Well, a few of them are still here, and four working stand-up comedians will be appearing together in Carrollwood.

The Homegrown Stand-Up Show features Jacoby Bruton, a comedian who travels around the country, Chuck Glass, who was a member of the Best-of-the-Bay winning Improv group Got Jokes?, Johnny B, who’s heard on his nightly radio program on 102.5-FM The Bone, and Michael Murillo, a local writer, producer, comedian—and, in full disclosure, a Creative Loafing Tampa Bay contributor. They grew up here (as much as comedians ever grow up), and they still call Tampa home.