TITANIC THE MUSICAL Gets its Maiden Voyage at Carollwood Cultural Center

Broadway World

Drew Eberhard

After two years and five schedule adjustments later the folks at Carrollwood Cultural Center under the Direction of Paul Berg and Musical Direction by Mary Jo Hahn and Michelle Kadonsky-Grant set forth on their Maiden Voyage. Boasting a talented cast of 43 performers of all age ranges, the Company put out all the stops to tell this harrowing and epic tale of the fateful trip. Filled with hope for a new, and dreams of the future the characters we met along the way brought us along on their plight, and for 2.5 hours the cast paid tribute to those who lost their lives on the “Unsinkable Ship.”

At the top of the show during the Prologue we meet Thomas Andrews, Titanic’s designer, and during the opening number “In Every Age” we watch and listen as he marvels over the feats of Mankind. As more passengers appear we meet Barrett, Harold Bride and Fleet. Soon the crew is seen arriving and we meet Ismay, and Captain E.J. Smith, and the men congratulate one another on their accomplishment. Towards the end of the Prologue we see the arrival of the the 3rd Class, 2nd Class, and 1st Class Passengers, and Titanic has officially embarked. Over the course of the following 2.5 hours we see what happens on that Maiden Voyage that will forever change the course of history.

2022 TITANIC - Original Cast Members

Some members of the TITANIC cast (top row, left to right) Amanda LeFloch as Kate Murphy, Randy Magruder as Captain E.J. Smith, and Erin Ruska as Kate McGowen, and (bottom row, left to right) Curtis Williams as Thomas Andrews, Jessica Duncan as Kate Mullins, and Craig Ruska as J. Bruce Ismay. Photo credit: Chaz D. Photography