Stop Human Trafficking by Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell

Powerful Artwork that Speaks Out Against Human Trafficking

The Center has two new powerful exhibits that speak out against human trafficking.
Project GOAT, which stands for Global Offensive Against Trafficking is an art-based awareness and fundraising campaign for the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The Center is currently displaying four of 55 life-size goat castings that were painted or otherwise embellished by mostly local artists and, in many cases, represented by celebrity athletes, actors, musicians, and others.
Accompanying Project GOAT is an exhibit titled “Faces of Human Trafficking” by featured artist Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell. Her exhibit includes 24 black and white images to help raise awareness of the scourge of sex trafficking in the U.S. Her paintings have been exhibited in a wide range of public art settings in Central Florida where she resides.
Houdeshell’s exhibit will remain on display through October. Project GOAT will remain on display through mid-November.

(updated September 9, 2020)



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