Classes scheduled in the Fall II session.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation w. Ana Rubenstein class image

Gentle Yoga & Meditation w. Ana Rubenstein

Students will explore yoga postures and stretches with a focus on the breath and all the gentle movements of the body.

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balanace w. Miriam Zimms - class image

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balance w. Miriam Zimms

NEW! Combining Inter-modal Expressive Arts with the Zentangle Art Method, this class merges both methods to use the creative process to assist with identifying your own more balanced life rhythm through artistic self-expression.

Writing Fiction Advanced Form and Technique class post

Writing Fiction: Advanced Form & Technique w. John Slayton

NEW! By the end of this 6-week course, each student will have an understanding of form and technique in creative writing and how to craft a story.

Well-Being Tools - Womens Workshop class graphic

Well-Being Tools for Women Workshop w. Ana Rubenstein

A workshop that will teach students well-being practices they can add to their “Self-Care Tool Box.”


ZUMBA Gold®: Dance for Active Older Adults w. Ana Rubenstein

ZUMBA Gold® is a lower-intensity version of the typical ZUMBA class designed to meet the needs of older adults.

EveryBody Can Dance class post

EveryBody Can Dance (Body Confidence Dance Class) w. Devan Bittinger

Join a class where everyone dances to their own beat, shakes it, and laughs while learning and building a routine each week!