Car­rollwood Cultural Center grappling with budget cuts

Spectrum Bay News 9

By Dalia Dangerfield Tampa
UPDATED 10:52 AM ET Jul. 03, 2024 PUBLISHED 5:48 PM ET Jun. 26, 2024

TAMPA, Fla. — The Carrollwood Cultural Center is scrambling to fill the gap after losing $58,000 in funding for next year’s budget.

“Art and cultural organizations across the state were cut from the approved $116 million state budget, so organizations like the center will not receive any funding,” said executive director Paul Berg.

Carrollwood Cultural Center has been providing a creative outlet for the community since 2008.

Currently, hundreds of children are participating in summer camp there. Executive director Paul Berg said state dollars usually help keep the activities going.

He has run the center since it opened. Berg said he’s never seen a time when there was no funding for arts programs.

“This year was a complete and utter shock for all of us,” Berg said. “We’re left, going through our budget process, trying to figure out how do we make up those funds.”