Little Gem Magnolia - 2022

A Little Gem at the Center

The Carrollwood Cultural Center and the Village Garden Circle celebrated Arbor Day by planting a little gem magnolia on the left side of the main building, adjacent to Lowell Road.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the little gem magnolia has all of the charm of a southern magnolia, but in a smaller size. The little gem magnolia is often used as a standout landscape piece, to add evergreen beauty near decks and patios, as a floral screen or hedge, and in large containers. The shrub blooms as soon as two or three years old and provides a profusion of fragrant blossoms in those early years of growth.

National Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April. Still, states may also celebrate it on a different date based on the region’s climate and prime planting season. The day is dedicated to planting trees, which are vital to our environment’s health and bring beauty to the quality of life in our communities.

Village Garden Circle is a local club that was founded in 1975. It is part of the Tampa Federation of Garden Clubs. For more information about Village Garden Circle and its programs, visit their Facebook page or email [email protected].