Adult Jazz/Tap Combo

2017 Adult Jazz dance classThis is a dance class for all abilities. The class will be half jazz technique, focusing on rhythm and coordination, and half tap basics, focusing on steps and sounds with across the floor and center combinations.

  • Age


  • Instructor

    Devan-Bittinger - danceDevan Bittinger

  • Level

    Beginner with some knowledge to advanced.

  • Location

    Dance Studio

  • Suggested Attire
    • comfortable clothes
  • Materials Fee:


  • Tuition

    $85 member / $100 non-member

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Summer II (July 21 - Aug 25)

6 weeks
schedule options
>Wed., 5:30-6:45 PM

Fall I (September 8 - October 13)

6 weeks
schedule options
>Wed., 5-6:15 PM

Fall I (October 27 - December 8)

6 weeks
schedule options
>Wed., 5-6:15 PM

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