Wheel Throwing & Hand Building Combo

2021 Ceramics by Miriam (2)A combined class for those interested in both wheel throwing and hand building. Wheel throwing students of all levels will learn how to throw clay on the potter’s wheel and later glaze their pieces. Hand building students will be introduced to the skills of pinch, coil and slab as well as basic design techniques to create functional and non-functional clay objects. Through the instruction of these techniques, students will begin to recognize the properties, possibilities and limitations of clay and acquire skills to perfect their work and create aesthetically pleasing forms with strong craftsmanship.

Weeks 1-4 are for creating, and weeks 5-6 are for glazing. Break week is for firing. Finalized pieces can be picked up the first week of the next session at your previous class time even if you are not registered for the next session. Notice will be sent out to all students once the firings are complete.

  • Age


  • Instructor

    MiriamZoharMiriam Zohar

  • Location

    Pottery Studio

  • Required Materials
    • 5-gallon bucket with lid
    • 2-quart pail
    • dish towel
    • pottery tools
    • small round sponge
    • apron
  • Materials Fee:

    $50 (due on the first day of class)

  • Tuition

    $120 member / $140 non-member

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Summer II (July 22-Aug. 26)

>THU., 1-3:30PM

(Non-refundable online processing fees apply.)