Henry B Plant Museum Cast

Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel w. Edith Roosevelt

Available for a limited time!

Step back in time with a single-character performance that brings turn-of-the-century Tampa Bay Hotel staff members and guests to life. Based on original research conducted by the Henry Plant Museum, “Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel” recreates the attitudes and mores of a bygone time.

In this presentation of “Upstairs/Downstairs at the Tampa Bay Hotel” we meet Edith Roosevelt portrayed here by Lynne Locher.  Roosevelt visited the Tampa Bay Hotel in 1898. Her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, was in town with his famous Rough Riders waiting for word to leave for Cuba and fight in the Spanish-American War. Later, as First Lady, she assumed her duties with dignity and character.

Special thanks to the Arts Council of Hillsborough County​ and Hillsborough County, Florida Government​ Board of County Commissioners for underwriting this project. 

This presentation is part of The Lecture Series at Carrollwood Cultural Center presented by Carrollwood Village​ HOAs. “Upstairs Downstairs” is a Henry Plant Museum​ presentation created through a partnership with the Arts Council of Hillsborough County and The University of Tampa​.

Available to view through November 15, 2020.

(updated October 20, 2020)