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Several New Classes are Being Added to the Fall Curriculum

New courses include Intro to Drawing, Henna 101, Cartoon Drawing, Creative Art Journaling, Rhythm Makers: Mommy/Daddy & Me, Rhythm Makers for kids, Drum & Rhythm Circle, Dance Fitness, and Chair Yoga.

Portrait Drawing Class - 2022

Portrait Drawing w. Dana Warner

NEW! Learn how to create life-like portraits while honing in your drawing skills.

Rhythm Makers (6-8) w. Heather DeRigo Lahiri

NEW! Students will learn basic skills and techniques on djembes, frame drums and other hand drums. They will learn rhythms from around the world and practice conducting polyrhythms as a group, develop confidence and creativity playing ’in the moment’ music.

Colorful Musical Instrument - Preschool Music

Rhythm Makers: Mommy/Daddy & Me! (3-5) w. Heather DeRigo Lahiri

NEW! Looking for a fun interactive experience for you and your little one? Look no further!