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Beginning Dance/Ballet Student/YoungChild

Creative Dance (3-5) w. Devan Bittinger

This class serves as a perfect introduction to dance, movement and choreography for young children

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Kids Hip Hop! (ages 6-9) w. Devan Bittinger

A high-energy hip-hop dance class for ages 7-9.

2016 Adult Dance Class

Ballet for Joy & Vitality w. Devan Bittinger

A ballet class for mature adults with little or no past experience. Students will focus on alignment, balance, coordination, simple steps, and combinations with joy and vitality.

Adult Ballet for Beginner (2x per week) w. Bradley McCaskill

A bi-weekly class focusing on ballet technique for beginners.

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Adult Ballet for Intermediate+ (2x per week) w. Bradley McCaskill

A bi-weekly class focusing on ballet technique for any level of dancer.

Ballet class - ballet barre - dance

Classical Ballet Workshop w. Bradley McCaskill

NEW! This workshop is an intensive with a focus on the Russian barre and center.

2017 Adult Jazz dance class

Adult Jazz/Tap Combo w. Devan Bittinger

This class will focus on the rhythm and coordination of jazz as well as the steps and sound of tap basics.

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EveryBody Can Dance (Body Confidence Dance Class) w. Devan Bittinger

Join a class where everyone dances to their own beat, shakes it, and laughs while learning and building a routine each week!

Father/Daughter Ballroom Dancing w. Devan Bittinger

NEW! Father and daughter (or mother and son) will enjoy time together as they learn the basics of classic ballroom dancing.

Aerobic Dancing - Dance and Fitness Class

Dance Fitness w. Ashley Lord

NEW! Dance Fitness is a unique class where students will explore a different part of their body each week (head, neck, shoulders, ribs, arms, hips, legs and feet) and learn the basic dance steps to improve health and well being.