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Several New Classes are Being Added to the Fall Curriculum

New courses include Intro to Drawing, Henna 101, Cartoon Drawing, Creative Art Journaling, Rhythm Makers: Mommy/Daddy & Me, Rhythm Makers for kids, Drum & Rhythm Circle, Dance Fitness, and Chair Yoga.

Love Rocks

Abandonment Art (Make One / Take One) Workshop w. Michele Stone (6+)

NEW! Monthly workshops for artists who want to make a difference in our community! Create (and leave) a piece of art for someone else to find and enjoy.

Carrollwood Cultural Center C in Black

Design & Paint a Mural (13-15) w. Michele Stone

NEW! This 12-week class will teach teens the concept and design behind the mural making.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay hip hop kids dance-1293064_1280

Kids Hip Hop! (ages 6-9) w. Devan Bittinger

A high-energy hip-hop dance class for ages 7-9.

Father/Daughter Ballroom Dancing w. Devan Bittinger

NEW! Father and daughter (or mother and son) will enjoy time together as they learn the basics of classic ballroom dancing.


Drawing Basics (11-13) w. Michele Stone (Virtual Class)

Tweens ages 11 to 13 will learn the basics of shading, value, color, and perspective.

Student Art - ceramics

Kids’ Hand Building w. Alexis Arrazcaeta

Student will learn basics of molding and using pottery tools.

Rhythm Makers (6-8) w. Heather DeRigo Lahiri

NEW! Students will learn basic skills and techniques on djembes, frame drums and other hand drums. They will learn rhythms from around the world and practice conducting polyrhythms as a group, develop confidence and creativity playing ’in the moment’ music.