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Several New Classes are Being Added to the Fall Curriculum

New courses include Intro to Drawing, Henna 101, Cartoon Drawing, Creative Art Journaling, Rhythm Makers: Mommy/Daddy & Me, Rhythm Makers for kids, Drum & Rhythm Circle, Dance Fitness, and Chair Yoga.

Expressive Tangling: Intro into Zentangle Art w. Miriam Zimms

Expressive Tangling: Intro to Zentangle Art w. Miriam Zimms

NEW! Learn how instrumental music and five strokes can help you easily draw circular, curved, dots, geometric, and grid patterns as you become aware of patterns in everyday life.

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balanace w. Miriam Zimms - class image

Expressive Introspection: Using the Arts to Find Life Balance w. Miriam Zimms

NEW! Combining Inter-modal Expressive Arts with the Zentangle Art Method, this class merges both methods to use the creative process to assist with identifying your own more balanced life rhythm through artistic self-expression.

Hand Building class post

Hand Building w. Alexis Arrazcaeta

Students will be introduced to the hand building of pinch, coil and slab as well as basic design techniques to create functional and non-functional clay objects.

Wheel Throwing class post

Wheel Throwing w. Miriam Zohar or Alexis Arrazcaeta

Students will learn the basics of wheel throwing by forming and throwing simple shapes on the potter’s wheel.

Creative Writing - Form & Technique class post

Writing Fiction: Form & Technique w. John Slayton

Gain a working knowledge of the critical aspects of writing fiction in this creative writing class.

Writing Fiction Advanced Form and Technique class post

Writing Fiction: Advanced Form & Technique w. John Slayton

NEW! By the end of this 6-week course, each student will have an understanding of form and technique in creative writing and how to craft a story.

Adult Ballet - Intermediate Level class image with ballet shoes and text

Adult Ballet for Intermediate+ (2x per week) w. Bradley McCaskill

A bi-weekly class focusing on ballet technique for any level of dancer.

Adult Jazz & Tap class post

Adult Jazz/Tap Combo w. Devan Bittinger

This class will focus on the rhythm and coordination of jazz as well as the steps and sound of tap basics.