Sounds Right: Culture Needs to Be Heard!

The Goal: To purchase a new sound system.

Funded: 100%!

The story behind Sounds Right:

On November 22, 2013…shortly before famed singer Melanie took the stage to perform for a capacity crowd…our antiquated sound mixing console made a few high pitched squeals, emitted a small puff of smoke (or possibly dust), then ceased to work.  It was taken to the emergency room of a local audio repair technician who, upon thorough examination, declared it dead.

Sound is such a huge part of everything that goes on at the Center. Community Theatre, Bands, Youth Theatre groups, concerts by local and international musicians, Broadway style musicals…all depend on quality sound to captivate their audiences.

With the help of Craig and Linda Nowicke of Tampa Realty who donated $4,500, and Donovan Audio Design, Inc. who donated $3,200 worth of equipment and labor, we were charged with raising the remaining half of the funds needed to purchase a new system.

We received many generous donations toward the project, and reached our goal on June 10, 2014.

Thank you to all who supported this project!