Intro to Drawing

This course is an introduction to basic drawing skills, processes, and concepts. Students will learn to explore contour drawing and design within various compositions. A variety of mediums will be used and masterworks will be discussed.

  • Age


  • Instructor

    Marjorie Graff

  • Level

    Beginner with little to no knowledge

  • Location

    Art Room 1

  • Required Materials
    • clipboard to hold paper
    • portfolio
    • 18″x24″ white drawing paper, 70-90lb
    • pencils: 2H, 2B, HB, 4B
    • kneaded eraser
    • xacto knife
    • sandpaper block
    • soft charcoal
    • water container
    • #4+, #6 soft handle brush
  • Materials Fee:

    $8 for paint, papers, and newsprint (due to the instructor on the first day of class)

  • Tuition

    $85 member / $100 non-member

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Fall I (September 8 - October 13)

6 weeks
schedule options
>Wed., 10 am – noon

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