Henna 101

henna-4523433_192 Image by Mehndi Training Center from Pixabay0Learn the art of Henna and take home your own natural henna cone to keep for continued practice! Students will learn how to make easy and perfect henna paste and how to apply it along with the basics of design styles and techniques in the fun practice activities. Students will make their own Henna and create designs on paper and practice on acrylic hands before doing small designs on hands or feet. *Henna is a safe and natural botanical that is used as a form of body art in a temporary tattoo that will last about a week or so on kids. The henna used in this camp is 100% natural and organic. (Facilitator Heather DeRigo is an experienced, professional Henna Artist with her own company that has been doing Henna for adults and children for more than eight years.)

This is a multi-generational class, open to ages 15+ or ages 11+ with a registered adult guardian.

  • Age

    15+ or 11+ with a registered adult guardian.

  • Instructor

    Heather DeRigo  Lahiri

  • Level

    All Levels

  • Location

    Art Room

  • Required Materials


  • Materials Fee:

    $10 materials fee to teacher 1st day: Pays for Henna PDR, Cello, Paste and includes 1 free cone per participant) Teacher will purchase items prior to 1st class.

  • Tuition

    $100 member / $115 non-member 

  • Round It Up

    Donate IconConsider making a donation when registering for classes or purchasing tickets. Your donation can be as simple as rounding your total to the nearest five or ten dollars — or whatever amount you wish to give. Thank you for your contribution!

Fall I (September 11 - October 16)

>SAT., 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Fall II (October 30 - December 11)

>SAT., 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

(Non-refundable online processing fees apply.)