The Art of THERAPY

May 19, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center (Community Room)
4537 Lowell Road
Ashley Lord


An engaging talk about the art of [THERAPY] with [Tamara Teeter Knapp]

When someone is suffering or challenged in life, there are numerous forms of therapy to help them feel better and begin to take steps to improve their lives. Expressive arts therapy is a strengths-based, holistic approach that integrates the use of many different types of expression such as visual art, movement, sound, poetry, storytelling, meditation, and music. Through engagement with art materials and talking about the process, clients increase awareness of self, cope with stress, enhance cognitive abilities, and enjoy creativity’s life-affirming pleasures. Tapping into one’s creativity in the process of healing helps restore clients to wholeness and access inner resources needed to live a fuller life.

Tamara Teeter Knapp - photo

Tamara Teeter Knapp

About the [ARTIST]: Tamara Teeter Knapp,

Tamara Teeter Knapp, MA, NCC, REACE, MHC Intern, and Certified K-12 Art teacher is Co-Founder and Core Faculty of Expressive Arts Florida Institute in Sarasota, Florida. She holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University and a Bachelor’s in Art and Psychology from University of Alaska Anchorage.  She received Waldorf teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College and a certificate in Art and Healing from Ringling College of Art. She has 20+ years’ experience educating others through the arts and works with children and adults integrating expressive arts in education and therapy and now serves as Co-Chair on the REACE Professional Standards Committee for IEATA. Tamara has a passion for creating handmade books and loves painting, movement, and being in nature. Through her own art practice, she is committed to developing her intuition and living her most authentic life. As an emerging clinician in expressive arts therapy, Tamara continues to develop her interest in body-based intermodal processes that integrate theories in neuroscience and creative modalities. The focus of her work is to help others to discover the healing and transformative power of their own creativity, cultivate hope, and restore wellness by honoring the fullness of who they are.

Admission is [FREE]

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