Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class (virtual event)

February 4, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center (Virtual Event)
4537 Lowell Road
Aaron Washington

Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class

Book, Music & Lyrics by Dan Goggin

Directed by Aaron Washington

Air Times:

  • February 4 • 8 pm
  • February 5 • 8 pm
  • February 6 • 8 pm

A self-described tough broad from Brooklyn, this sister is no stranger to cracking jokes and rulers in her lifetime.  A reformed (well…..mostly reformed) juvenile delinquent, today she makes it her habit to praise the Lord, push the limits of her Reverend Mother, and occasionally struggles with her own eleventh commandment – Though shalt not steal the spotlight.  During these tough times, her goal is have you fuhgedahboutit while class is in session.  She gives special thanks to God, her Mother Superior, Sisters Hubert, Leo, Paul (Amnesia), Wilhem, Father Virgil, and, of course, her bookie Benny.  Now sit up straight, mouths closed, and eyes forward while Robert Anne raises your IQ as well as a little Hell!     

Sister Robert Anne (played by Erin Ruska), is feisty, street-smart, hilarious, and immensely talented. As she “teaches” us how to put together a cabaret act, she takes us on a journey of some of the most memorable numbers by award-winning composer Dan Goggin (Nunsense series). The Cabaret Class is performed on a simple set by Sister Robert Anne and her accompanist, Mary Jo Hahn (as herself).

Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class is being produced through a special arrangement with Concord Theatricals. 

Online Access: $10

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