October 15, 2022 @ 8:00 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center (The Studio)
13345 Casey Road
Tampa FL

On October 15, The Studio at Carrollwood Cultural Center will transform into a crime scene…and you just might be the murderer!  Join us for the original Red Herring Games murder mystery party, Little Rock Horror Shop Murder.

The Plot

Hyde Studios is probably best known for its cliché-crammed science fiction and horror B-movies. They may have flopped at every box office release but have surged in popularity since thanks to their cult status as being the cheesiest movies around.

With a new science fiction double feature in the early stages of production, the last thing anyone expected was for the studio owner and director, Jacqueline Hyde, to vanish mysteriously one evening, leaving no traces apart from a pool of blood, an upturned sign and a slight burning smell.

What happened to Jacqueline Hyde? Where is her body? Who is responsible? And will the new B-movie, ’Little Rock Horror Shop’, ever be made?

The Party

Little Rock Horror Shop Murder is an interactive, murder mystery, rollplay game where the ticket holders ARE the characters. The evening will include five wine tastings: one sparkling, three from around the world (2 reds and 1 white), and one dessert wine. Lite bites and small desserts will also be served.

The game is loosely based on the popular musicals of similar names. The game is rated M for Mature as there is adult content (see below) Participants must be 21 or older.

Are Costumes Required?

Of course!

To Join the Party

There are 20 tickets available for this game. To join the party, select a character from below and purchase the “ticket” that coincides with that character’s name. There is only one ticket available per character. Once you purchase your ticket and have adopted your persona for the evening, start preparing for a killer of a good time.

Game Characters

Frankie Furtive – Outrageous non-binary scientist. (Gender Neutral)
Sweet and sexual, from an as yet unexplored planet, Frankie has rather unusual attire for a laboratory worker – stockings and a corset!

Madge Entatona – Maid. (Female)
Rather unorthodox, Madge is not what you might expect from your average suburban cleaner.

Venus Flytrapp – Walking, talking plant. (Gender Neutral)
Dressed entirely in green, Venus has very red lips and a larger-than-life personality.

Seymour Plants – Flower shop assistant. (Male)
With thick-rimmed glasses and a V-neck sweater/vest, Seymour is not exactly a girl magnet.  That’s what probably makes him an ideal employee!

Niff-Naff – Handyman. (Male)
Bald and creepy, Niff-Naff has a habit of lurking in dark corners.

Audrey Skidrow – Co-worker of Seymour Plants. (Female)
Shy, friendly and awkward, Audrey is a lisping, conservatively dressed blonde bombshell.

Chad Minors – Young American man and budding actor. (Male)
Chad is rather self-conscious and keen to defend his fiancée from predatory advances, despite his very staid taste in clothing.

Nanette Silly – Young American woman. (Female)
Easily led and somewhat naïve, Nanette is out of her depth and prone to screaming.

Cally Umbia – Entertainer. (Female)
Fond of bright colours, top hats and tails, Cally is a sequin-loving beauty with poor taste in men.

Phil Cavities – Sadistic dentist. (Male)
In a white coat and with various dental implements to hand, Phil is struggling with laughing gas addiction, but that doesn’t seem to stop him working.

Roxette Crystal – Greek chorus girl. (Female)
Showily dressed with matching gloves and shoes, Roxette’s well-coiffured hair and stage make-up means she’s ready to burst into song whenever and wherever she’s needed.

Rocky Sixpack – A perfect man. (Male)
In just gold lame pants, very little is left to the imagination.  Rocky is the blonde, blue-eyed boy of your dreams!

Trixie Usherette – Cinema worker. (Female)
Equipped with her usherette flashlight and tray, you can stop her and buy one any time you need it.

Teddie Meatloaf – Pizza delivery boy. (Male)
An ugly greaser, Teddie is usually in denim or leathers and is a bit of a rocker.

Chanson Chiffon – Greek chorus girl. (Female)
Sweet voiced, bouffant-haired and in a 1950s dress, Chanson is never far from Roxette’s side and just as ready to break into song.

Dr Grey Spott – Retired science tutor. (Male)
In tweed jacket and school tie, Dr Spott sports a pair of thick glasses and has a clinical, scientific mind.

Dink Dorkinson – Radio DJ. (Male)
Built with a body and face for radio, Dink has a dorkish sense of dress, a 50s hairdo and a really loud voice and laugh.

Mona Lott – Dental nurse. (Female)
Cynical and long suffering, Mona sports a sexy nurse’s outfit and is always ready to offer a supporting role with Phil’s treatment.

Anna Ryllis – Flower shop owner. (Female)
Grumpy, stingy owner of Ryllis Flower Shop, Anna always has a pair of secateurs and other tools of the trade in her apron.

Ray Gunns – Ghostbuster. (Male)
Always in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ray has blundered his way into the plot but is ready to shoot his way out of the problem if the need arises.

Admission: $30

Content Warning: Contains adult content including a murder (violence suggested), language (mild swearing, sexual innuendo, suggestive language, flirting), and mature themes (non-politically correct language, sadomasochism, multiple dating/sexual partners, drug usage).