Jesse & Noah Bellamy

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April 11, 2014 @ 12:00 am
Carrollwood Cultural Center
4537 Lowell Road
Tampa, FL 33618
Members $17 Non-Members $21
Carrollwood Cultural Center
(813) 269-1310

Jesse-and-Noah-1521-High-ResJesse and Noah Bellamy are a brother duo, and just as other classic brother groups (The Louvin Brothers, The Everlys, The Kinks, et al.) who have forged their own unique sound and identities, Jesse and Noah are also pushing musical boundaries to create their own path.

With their third record, Driven Back, the duo delivers an eclectic mix of roots-rock, power-pop, country and Americana. Coming from a family of musicians they are the fourth generation to play music. Their father and uncle are the well-known Bellamy Brothers and their grandfather, Homer, played professionally at local dances, while his father before him was a fiddler.

Raised by their grandparents while their parents toured, the duo was first influenced by their grandparents’ love of traditional country music and the popular music of the WWII era. “When we started playing guitar”, said Jesse, “we fell in love with blues, jazz and sixties rock. Hanging out at Dad’s recording sessions, led us to develop an appreciation of the recording process as an art form.”

After years of writing and recording with different record labels and becoming disillusioned with Music Row of Nashville, Jesse and Noah have thrown away the rulebook to forge their own sound. Driven Back is self-produced and independently released. Recorded at their project studio in Franklin, TN (just outside of Nashville), they were very conscience of keeping the project authentic and not over-produced.

Both brothers wrote the songs on the record (the exception being “You Could Have Had It All” which was written by Jesse Bellamy with Steve Clark)—with most of the songs being written as they recorded them, unlike previous projects. Accomplished multi-instrumentalists, they’re responsible for the majority of the tracks on Driven Back, with vocals led by Jesse, with Noah harmonizing. As Jesse told the music website Riveting Riffs, “We just really wanted to make a good record…these songs don’t have to work outside the context of this record. That is the cool thing about a lot of them. It was just about feels and putting words up against them and seeing what stuck.”