Dedication for Night for Day

February 16, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center
4537 Lowell Road
FL 33618
Night for Day by Michael Young

Night for Day by Michael Young

The Hillsborough County Public Art Committee and the Carrollwood Cultural will officially dedicate the public sculpture titled “Night for Day” by Chicago-based artist Michael Young on February 16 at 4 p.m. The art piece, which stands to the left of the Center adjacent to Lowell Road in Tampa, is of two characters, Sun and Moon, dancing. The Hillsborough County Public Art Committee commissioned the piece for the arts-based non-profit.

Special guests will include Young, Hillsborough County Architect Amanda Grant, Carrollwood Cultural Center Board of Directors President Bill DeMare, Carrollwood Cultural Center Executive Director Paul Berg, members of the Hillsborough County Public Art Committee and more.

“Night for Day” was installed early spring of 2018. Young’s inspiration came from a poem written by Young’s 15-year old niece titled “A Love Poem from Night for Day.”

A Love Poem from Night for Day

Once upon a time,

I saw a picture of you

And I fell in love.

You were so… Beautiful.

So completely beautiful.

But you were so hard to reach.

It seemed that you lived

in a different world.


The first time I met you,

It was unexpected.

Now I know you had been there forever,

but I had never noticed till I saw how you glowed.

I never noticed till I saw the way your smile lit up the world.

The way life seemed to awaken when you neared.

You seemed so timeless.

You were so….. Close to me.

But only for a few minutes.

I just couldn’t stay.


The next time I saw you was just a bit after the first.

I talked to you.

I showed you who I was.

And you listened.

And talked back.

And that is when I knew I loved you.

And that is when you said,

You loved me.

But still…You had to leave.


That is how our love is still like right now.

A series of moments together.

Fleeting minutes, of us embraced, never wanting to part,

but in the end, one of us always leaving.

Just moments.

In each encounter, our fingers locked together.

Our eyes only on each other.

We always make good of the short time we have.

And that is what makes our love so special, isn’t it?

Because we know it will last till that day you have to truly leave forever.

It will last till the day I have to stay.

But I’m okay with that.

Because I have you right now.

And that’s what matters.


I will love you forever.

Even though we both always have to go eventually.

Even though our time together is so short.

But we have sunrise together.

And we have sunset

We have the first star of the night.

And we have the last.


I can live with that.