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November 5, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center (Main Theatre)
FL 33618

Auditions Square

Main Theatre

Titanic the Musical

By Maury Yeston and Peter Stone

Directed by Paul Berg & Aaron Washington

Musical Director: Mary Jo Hahn

Conductor: Reed Stricsek

Audition Dates

  • Sunday, November 3, 2019 / 6 pm – 8 pm
  • Monday, November 4, 2019 / 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019 / 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Directors Paul Berg and Aaron Washington will be looking for a diverse cast of dynamic performers to make up the many characters in what will be an epic spectacle of a production. Please bring a headshot and resume and all known conflicts with you to the auditions.  

Callbacks will also be on Tuesday, November 5 for those that would be asked to return for callbacks.

Rehearsals will begin in full January 2020. A few rehearsals will be scheduled starting December 2.

Performances;  March 27 – April 5, 2020

Most cast members will play a number of different characters throughout the show. All actors must be strong singers as well as actors. WE ARE ACTIVELY SEEKING ALL ETHNICITIES FOR ALL ROLES.

Actors should prepare 2 brief contrasting songs (16-32 bars each) – not to exceed 3 minutes total. Please bring sheet music in the correct key and prepare material from the musical theatre repertoire appropriate to the style of the show.  No acapella and please do not sing a song from the show.

Actors should be familiar with the show and may be asked to demonstrate some facility with dialect (including Standard British, North Country, and Irish).

Video Submissions are accepted, however, in-person auditions are highly recommended.

TITANIC CASTING BREAKDOWN (roles may not be broken down exactly as such)

THOMAS ANDREWS: 30’s. High Bari-Tenor. Ship’s Designer and Builder. Strong, quiet man of integrity. Slight Irish accent.

FREDERICK BARRETT: 20’s. Bari-Tenor. Strapping young Stoker from the Midlands. Also plays 1st Class and 3rd Class Passenger

HAROLD BRIDE/ HARTLEY: 20’s, Tenor. Quiet, socially awkward Junior Wireless Operator / Exuberant Band Leader. British. Also plays Stoker and 1st Class Passenger

FREDERICK FLEET/BELL/LEAD DANCER: 20’s, Tenor. Ship’s young and eager lookout/ Chief Engineer. British. Also plays 1st Class and 3rd Class passengers

CAPTAIN SMITH 50’s-60’s. Baritone. Warm, good-humored patriarchal Captain of the RMS Titanic. A natural leader who radiates confidence and care for his passengers and crew.

J. BRUCE ISMAY: 40’s. Baritone. Misguided, over-confident Chairman of the White Star Line. British.

CHARLES CLARKE: 30’s. Tenor. Young British journalist, in love with Caroline. Also plays 1st Class Passenger

EDGAR BEANE/ OFFICER BOXHALL: 30’s. Baritone. American Midwesterner, content with the simple life/ Crew Member. Also plays 3rd Class Passenger

ISIDOR STRAUS/ OFFICER HITCHENS, 50’s-60’s. Baritone. Jewish German-American. Owner of Macy’s Department Stores / Crew Member. Also plays 3rd Class Passenger

JIM FARRELL/ STOKER. 20’s. Bari-tenor. Irish, 3rd Class Passenger. Tough, but charming and protective young lad/ Crew. Also plays 1st Class Passenger

HERBERT PITMAN / HENRY ETCHES: 30’s-40’s. Tenor. 3rd Officer with a talent for administration/ Efficient, discreet First Class Steward, specializes in meeting the needs of the upper class. British.

WILLIAM MURDOCH/ BASS PLAYER: 30’s-40’s, Tenor. Captain’s right-hand man who feels the weight of his responsibility; a Scotsman / British Musician

CHARLES LIGHTOLLER: 30’s. Confident, capable officer. British. Also plays 3rd Class Passenger

BELLBOY: Teens. Youngest crew member. British. Also plays 3rd Class Passenger

ALICE BEANE: 30’s. Legit mezzo-soprano with high character belt. 2nd Class Passenger from the American Midwest who will stop at nothing to rub elbows with the rich. Also plays a 3rd Class Passenger

CAROLINE NEVILLE/ STEWARDESS: 20’s-30’s. Soprano. Warm, classy British Aristocrat traveling in 2nd Class. In love with Charles/ Crew Member. Also plays 1st Class Passenger

KATE MCGOWAN: 20’s. Mezzo-soprano. Irish, 3rd Class Passenger. Spirited and driven to make a better life in America. Also plays 1st Class Passenger

KATE MURPHEY/ STEWARDESS/ LEAD DANCER: 20’s. Mezzo-soprano. Irish, 3rd Class Passenger / Crew Member. Also plays 1st Class passenger

KATE MULLINS/ STEWARDESS/ MADELINE ASTOR: 20’s. Mezzo-soprano. Irish, 3rd Class Passenger / Crew Member/ Young wife of millionaire, J.J. Astor

IDA STRAUS, 40’s-60’s. Soprano. Fiercely devoted wife of Isador. Jewish German-American. Also plays 3rd Class Passenger


Not all roles are listed.