AUDITIONS: Plan 9 from Outer Space

November 18, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Carrollwood Cultural Center
4537 Lowell Road
Tampa, FL 33618
(813) 922-8167

Plan 9 From Outer Space w textPlan Nine from Outer Space

Audition Dates:

  • Tuesday, November 18 @ 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday, November 19 @ 7 p.m.


  • April 17-19
  • April 24-26


Adapted for the stage by Mark Landon Smith
This is it! The stage adaptation of Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space, considered by many to be “the worst movie ever made!” Packing B-Movie thrills into 70 action-packed minutes, the story goes something like this: visiting space soldiers use a magic-electro-space-ray-gun to resurrect a recently deceased (and perfectly ghoulish) human couple, putting “Plan 9” into action. The aliens must stop mankind from developing “Solaramite,” a substance that could set off a chain reaction of cosmic explosions that would destroy the entire universe. With “Plan 9” activated, the space aliens step up the action: Flying saucers invade! Hollywood reacts! The Pentagon responds! Even Colonel Sanders tries to stop the aliens and, well, this was absolutely the worst movie ever made. You’ll have a blast with this cosmic comedy perfect for all producing groups.

Plan 9 from Outer Space is presented through special arrangement with Steele Spring Stage Rights. For licensing information, visit the website at

Director: Keith Eisenstadt

Cast: We need to cast 17 males, ages 20-50; and 8 females, ages 20-50.

Narrator – Male, 50s +

  • A cross between an evangelist and a late night TV horror show host. Slick story teller with a dark sense of humor.

Preacher – Male 50s +

  • A small town clergyman, he is a sweet and caring older man

Widower – Male 50s +

  • A saddened mourner who remains calm and collected. He later becomes a ghoul.

Grave Diggers – Male – any age

  • Simple minded laborers, cowardly and quick to run

Danny – Male 30s

  • A handsome pilot, he is a ladies man. He is athletic, fun and flirtatious.

Jeff – Male 30s

  • An ace pilot and former Marine, he is a fighter. A strong leader, he is somewhat ego-centric and often dismissive.

Edie – Female 20s

  • A stewardess, she is sexy and flirtatious. She is very caring and sweet.

Widower’s dead wife – Female – any age

  • A vampire looking undead ghoul

Inspector Clay – Male 40s – 50s

  • A police detective, he is a large and strong man. He has a commanding presence and is demanding and serious. He later becomes a ghoul.

Lieutenant Johnny – Male 30s

  • A smart and brave man, he is an ambitious police officer. He has strong leadership skill and is ready to take over the department.

Officer Larry – Male 20s

  • A very green rookie police officer. He is innocent and easily scared, slightly cowardly but willing to follow orders.

Mona – Female 30s

  • Jeff’s wife, she is lonely housewife. She is headstrong, smart and sarcastic.

Colonel Sanders – Male 40s – 50s

  • A strong and commanding Army officer. He is rigid and “by the book”

Alien Ruler – Male – 50s +

  • Supreme commander of the alien race. Strong and commanding, he is much like a teacher directing school children.

Alien Space Commander – Male 40s

  • The mission commander and leader of the alien spaceship. He is highly intelligent and diplomatic.

Tanna – Female 20s

  • A young and inexperienced alien ship crew member. She is ditzy and has self-esteem issues.

General Mills – Male 50s +

  • A career Army officer, he is top Army brass. A real bureaucrat.

Edith – Female – any age

  • Funeral attendee

Ernest – Male – any age

  • Funeral attendee

Captain – Male 30s

  • Army officer

Officer Pips – any

  • Police officer

Officer Donuts – any

  • Police officer

Sheriff – Male 40s – 50s

  • Local police sheriff

Air Traffic Controller – Older Male – Voice over

  • He is a bitter old man

Crew: We are also looking for an experience stage manager, stage hands, experienced special effects coordinator, sound coordinator and crew members to operate and facilitate set changes.