We’ve seen it happen more than once. Something will come up here at the Center that requires a specific tool or device…unable to locate it we either do without, or set about purchasing the needed item. Or we happen to mention the need in front of the right person! Suddenly, an item that was forgotten in their garage becomes the solution to our problem with no amendments to our budget! (Not to mention a possible tax write off for the donor!)

Robert Curry, Jr. recently suggested compiling a list of items that would be helpful to acquire. So the staff of the Carrollwood Cultural Center has created an ongoing “Center Wish List”. From the commonplace to the obscure, this is a list of items that would benefit the Center’s patrons but may not have been included in the budget.

Take a look at our wish list…maybe there is something in your garage that you no longer need, but we would be so grateful to have! Please contact Todd Dunkle ([email protected]) if you have any of these items to donate:


Added to the “Wish List”

Thanks to

Musical Instruments (gently used) 1/30/13 – On going
  • Clarinet – Donna Hall
  • Organ – Laura Sill
G-Rated DVDs (cartoons) 1/30/13
Shop Vac (wet / dry vac) 1/30/13
  •  Jim & Doris Burge
Microwave FULFILLED!
  • Kendra Langlie
  • Ruth & Allen Levy
Medium-sized Refrigerator FULFILLED!
  •  The Dunkle Family
Digital Camera (SLR preferably!) 1/30/13
White, Round Tablecloths (for 60″ round tables) 1/30/13
Yard Games (balls etc. for Summer Camp) 1/30/13
Picnic Tables FULFILLED!
  •  John & Ursula Miley
 Ironing Board  FULFILLED!
  • Paul Berg
  • Jim Chlebowski
 Iron  2/7/13
  •  Ruth & Allen Levy
 Washing Machine / Dryer FULFILLED!
  •  Robert and Alberta Curry
 Locking Cabinet(s)  2/7/13
 Hand Dolly  2/7/13
 Garden Hose(s)  2/7/13  
 Fertilizer (Compost / Manure) for Landscaping  2/7/13  
 Gardening Tools (shovels, rakes, etc.)  2/7/13  
 Music Stand Lights  2/7/13  
 Tools (hammers, screw drivers, pliers, etc.)  2/7/13  
 Flowers and other landscaping items  2/7/13
  • Robert and Alberta Curry
  • Ellia Sliwiak
  • Alva Bailey
 New trash cans w/ rollers  2/7/13

Laptops and/or Tablets



Drum Set (Floor Tom, Bass Drum with pedal, Hi Hat, suspended cymbal. We could use any traps too (triangle, bells, tambourine, wood block, maracas)