Abstract Painting Workshop

  • Class Description

    Abstract Painting Workshop class iconTake time to get in tune with yourself and create freely in this one-day abstract painting workshop for beginners.

    Abstract, unlike other mediums, doesn’t have many rules so you’ll feel free to express yourself. In this workshop, students will learn basic color theory, how to use various painting surfaces, and techniques to give their painting texture and depth.

  • Instructor

    Ysabeth Sweet

  • Age


  • Level

    Beginner with no knowledge

  • Location

    Art Room II

  • Required Materials
    • Heavy Body Acrylic Paints (Academic Grade)
    • Paint Brushes (medium quality, various sizes)
    • Canvas or preferred painting surface
    • Sketchbook
    • Paper Palatte
    • Water Container
    • Palette Knives
    • Moulding Paste
    • Catalyst Wedge
    • Rulers
    • Spray Bottle
    • Q-Tips
    • Pencil, pen, erasers
    • Mini-Paint Rollers
  • Materials Fee:


  • Tuition

    $45 member / $55 non-member

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